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Discover the best Morocco Camel Trekking for 2024 & 2025​​

The Morocco Camel Trekking tours. Without a doubt, is one of the most memorable desert activities you can do while in Morocco. As you ride a camel across the stunning Sahara desert of Erg Chebbi in Merzouga. Moreover, this provides a terrific experience to learn about the magic and serenity of the Sahara desert.A must-do while visiting the Sahara desert, is a Morocco camel riding excursion, one of Morocco’s most well-liked tourist attractions. Moreover, you’ll ride your camel across a sea of the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, experiencing both the sunrise and sunset over the tallest sand dunes. Moreover, with our Morocco camel trekking, you’ll spend one or more nights in the Sahara desert. Either in a Merzouga luxury desert camp or with a nomadic family to learn about their lifestyle and daily life.

Morocco Desert Camping Tours & Camel Riding Excursions

Moreover, riding camels and trekking in the desert for a couple of days and nights while staying at Oases, wild camping, or in a luxury desert camp far into the town. Are options for those with ample time in the desert. Moreover, if you take a brief Morocco camel trekking, you will get the chance to spend one or two nights in authentic or luxury desert camping with a private bathroom and shower.

Although some visitors may not find Morocco camel trekking in the sand to be the most enjoyable means of transportation. Undoubtedly it’s a “must” for any visitor who wants to experience the nomadic lifestyle. Definitely, this is the ideal time to fulfill your lifelong desire to briefly embody Lawrence of Arabia.

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Moreover, several locations in Morocco offer Morocco camel trekking tour. But the most famous and the best Morocco camel trekking location is the Merzouga desert (Erg Chebbi dunes). Because it has the highest sand dunes in Morocco. Also called the golden dunes because of their golden color. Moreover, all our Morocco desert tours, includes a camel riding excursion in the Sahara desert. Absolutely, this will be the top highlights of your Morocco holiday.

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