Q. Where I should travel in Morocco for the first time?

Where I should travel in Morocco for the first time?

Where I should travel in Morocco for the first time?

A. Where should I go on my first trip to Morocco? A tour of Morocco with Marrakech Desert Excursions travel agency. Without a doubt, it will allow you to explore historical buildings, bustling markets, beautiful beaches and deserts. As well as taking in the natural wonders of the country and much more awaits! Moreover, Morocco is a beautiful and mystifying country in Africa.

Todra and Dades Valley

The stunning Todra Gorges and Dades Valley.

How many days you have to stay in each Moroccan cities?

Naturally, the longer you stay, the more things you will discover and explore. As well as having time to feel immersed into the Moroccan berber culture without rush.

However, if you’re traveling on a tight schedule attempting to fit in numerous places. I’d say spending two full days in every city you are hoping to visit, may be feasible.

Lovely Chefchaouen Morocco

Lovely Chefchaouen – the blue pearl of Morocco

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Furthermore, Marrakech Desert Excursions company, has published here a list of the Top destinations in Morocco that you must-see on your first visit.

The imperial city of Marrakech.       

The capital of commercial Casablanca. 

Imperial city of Fes.                               

Capital city of Rabat.

The blue pearl Chefchaouen.              

Majestic Sahara desert of Merzouga.

The beautiful Tangier.                           

The Atlantic pearl Essaouira.

Ouarzazate the hollywood of Africa.       

The stunning high Atlas Mountains.

Best beaches of Agadir.                           

The Authentic town of Sidi Ifni.

Imperial and historical city of Meknes.            

Gorgeous Ouzoud Waterfalls.