Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Once you book an inquiry for a journey with Marrakech Desert Excursions. (referred to as “we” or “us” in these terms). You agreed to accept these terms and conditions on behalf of yourself and any further users of our products or services as a result of this kind of booking.

Bookings / Reservations:

On your own behalf, and anyone else using, our services as, a result of a booking you made. You will be agreed to all these terms and conditions by, making a tour reservation with Marrakech Desert Excursions company.

Payment & Booking Processes:

A detailed itinerary, and invoice with payment information, will be sent. As soon as you accept the, provided pricing and travel plan. Once, we receive a, 20% deposit, the booking, will be confirmed.

Booking modifications:

We will do, everything in our power to modify your reservation, with no extra cost, if that’s necessary. If you travel within 10 days, of the beginning of the vacation, however, could not be possible.

If you require any adjustments, kindly get in touch with, us right away and, send us an email regarding, your request. Once more, absolutely, will make every effort to meet your needs, and avoid additional fees, but, we can’t promise it.

You can eithe, go ahead and take the previously scheduled vacation, or cancel and, pay the costs of cancellation as indicated. In case, the adjustments, cannot be made to, the reservation you have made.

Cancellation Policy & Guidelines:

In case, that you need to cancel, your Morocco trip plans, kindly, let us know. As soon as you can, the amount of the cancellation fee, is determined, by how many days, we receive your, written cancellation request, before the departure date.

Cancellation longer, than, 25 days: only the deposit made, is given back.

Cancellation with, less than 25 days: no refund.

Additional Information and Conditions:

Custom Requests:

When completing your reservation, please inform us by email of any particular needs you may have, such as dietary restrictions, health issues, wheelchair help, or anything else. We will provide you with the information in order to guarantee secure and pleasant vacations.

Before confirming your itinerary, we will inform you via email, of any particular demands, which we may be unable to accommodate, if thats necessary.


We don’t offer any kind of insurance. You are solely responsible for securing the proper vacation insurance. In case of illness, cancelation, missing luggage, delays, and other unforeseen circumstances, we highly advise getting travel insurance.

Our duty:

If for any reason, any aspect of your trip plans differs from what was specified when you booked and is not of a fair caliber, we will take responsibility. If there was no negligence on our side , we shall make a reasonable payment (up to a maximum of the amount paid to us for that component of the vacation plans).

The documentation for Travelling:

It is your responsibility, to make sure you have all, the required travel documentation in valid condition. Before visiting the country, your passport must be valid for six months.

Confidentiality and Privacy:

Since you gave us your private and confidential information when making the reservation, we fully assume responsibility for ensuring that adequate safety precautions are in place to protect it.

Bookings with, accommodations and, others that are required, to arrange your travel needs. Will be made using the details that we gather from you.

Additionally, we will let, the appropriate vendors know about any dietary restrictions, medical conditions, or disabilities. In order to ensure, that you have a safe, and happy vacation. These data, will be shared with, the appropriate parties ( with your permission of course) when you make a reservation.