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Customized Morocco Tours and about Marrakech Desert Excursions. As we are Nomads who are very fond of the Sahara Desert. Our love for the desert. Drives us to want to share it with the world. Everyone deserves to experience the freedom and raw nature of the Sahara Desert at least once in a lifetime. Marrakech Desert Excursions. Offers to everyone the opportunity to be initiated. As a nomad through exploring the magical lifestyle of the desert and its inhabitants.

Our desert tours. Gives you the chance to interact with the Sahara and feel the life that God has bestowed upon it. Explore with us the infinite night skies, the dunes, food, the rituals, and the lifestyle of the Moroccan Sahara Desert.

We are true Sahara people who learned how to live in such an extreme environment. As nomadse borned with the sand in our eyes. Everyone believe that the desert is where we are meant to live. We cherish our land, and we invite you to be our guest. Explore Morocco with us, discover the huge diversity of our land, and enjoy all the fun activities we have.

Customized Morocco Tours

About Our Customized Morocco Tours 

As a professional family business of Saharan people. We provide you with insights and a sense of belonging to our homeland that most cannot provide. Our customized Morocco tours packages and Sahara trips, primarily depart from. Morocco’s big cities where there are international airports. That’s why we have a collection of Marrakech tours, Rabat tours, Fez tours, Casablanca tours & Tangier tours.

We customize our tours that include. All the spots that we consider must-visits. However, there are not static destinations. The private tours can take a different turn whenever you want them to do that. In other words, you can customize your own tour based on what we have.

About Our Memorable Morocco Sahara Tours

Our memorable trips, has to keep the balance between culture, fun activities, partying, adventure, food tasting, spirituality, and nature. To keep the balance between all these variables. You need to be an engineer of travel. Which is exactly what we offer at  Marrakech Desert Excursions.

To keep the balance quite right. W design our tours carefully with your suggestions to include everything and not concentrate on only some aspects. For a memorable tour in Morocco. You need to know many insights first. We offer you an alternative, which is offering all the insight and, obviously. All the other services that make any trip to Morocco memorable.   

About Our Authentic Moroccan Travel and trips

Here at Marrakech Desert Excursions, we offer private trips across Morocco’s most iconic spots. We explore the lavish Imperial Cities, the stunning Atlas Mountains, the shining beaches of the Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic Ocean. As well as the Kasbahs Draa of the south, and of course, the majestic Moroccan Sahara.

With our team of experts. You will surely have the most authentic insight and connections with people who offer the most authentic Moroccan experience. We will visit traditional houses, explore the countryside, and the hidden cultural and natural gems of Morocco!!.

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Cozy Transportion

With our cozy vehicles, you'll feel the utmost comfort and relaxation. No matter if it's a short trip or a long road trip, our excellent upkeep guarantees a pleasant ride. To start enjoying your journey to the fullest, book with us right away for the best prices.

Friendly & Expert Guides:

With the help of our knowledgeable, passionate guides, discover Morocco's secrets. Our guides are multilingual, knowledgeable insiders who will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime Morocco trip while showcasing the finest of Moroccan history, culture, and traditions.

Top-rated Accommodations:

Our Travel Agency of " Marrakech Desert Excursions " work only with the best accommodations to give you the best possible lodgings during your visit. From authentic, traditional riads and kasbahs to luxurious hotels and charming luxurious camps in the Sahara Desert, with best price guaranteed.


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