Marrakech Desert Excursions' FAQs

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Marrakech Desert Excursions' FAQ

Welcome to Marrakech Desert Excursions's FAQ and Travel advice.Please read our, Marrakech Desert Excursions FAQ and, Travel info, to explore the most asked questions about, Morocco travel advice.

Marrakech Desert Excursions FAQ & Morocco Travel Advice - Frequently Asked Questions

Additional fees and Discounts:

No, because, since the workload is constant it also could be difficult to find hotels or transportation during the busiest periods of the year.

Yes, we do provide student discounts that are based on a per-person basis and the time of year. Please don’t hesitate to inquireand we are happy, to provide you with one.

No, this entire list is covered by the mentioned cost.

No refund for deposit made, more than, 25 days before the trip. Any deposit you make, for a trip through, our agency, however, will be held until another date of your choosing.

For more information, please read, our Terms and Conditions.

Desert Camping & Accommodation travel info:

The luxury tents. Are constructed from, an entirely unique, impervious white fabrics. Additionally, with its king and big beds, these cozy tents, provide comfortability. Along with enormous tables, mirrors, and comfortable chairs. As well as the, electrical outlets, the furnishings are equally luxury. Additionally, they also feature heating in the winter and air conditioning during the summer. As well as the luxury tent, has a private shower and toilet.

The standard and typical tents, are used by the local nomads, which are made from goat or camel hair, to keep the sand and the rain out. The Authentic berber traditional tents, has shared bathroom.

Yes, both of, standard and, luxury camp, provides, outlets and, electricity for charging your cell phones.

A sleeping bag, is not necessary because, the camp provide, bed linens  and everything else.

There is wifi, in the luxury camp, but not in the standard one.

If riding a camel isn’t something that interests you, we will take you to the camp either by 4×4 or ATV quad.

More Quetions & Answers

The standard berber traditional tents, has shared bathroom, and the luxury tent, has a private shower and bathroom.

Sure, we’ll carry all your luggage to your tent.

Yes, all the accommodation’s rooms, has private bathroom, and shower.

You can book your, own accommodation, if you have a preference.


The deposit, should be made via PayPal.

The rest of the amount, you can pay it to your driver guide.

We accept euros, dollars, or dirham as payment for your trip however, Moroccan dirham is preferred elsewhere. Additionally, not every location in Morocco, has a credit card machine, therefore cash only is accepted.

Having, a little change on hand for beverages, and lunches, is useful. If you plan, on buying, souvenirs, or mementos. Such as fossils, turbans. You will need just a little of cash, for the shorter desert excursions.

Approximately, 10 $ each day, is what we advise based, on experience.

Food and Drinks:

Yes, water and other refreshments, can be bought at the shops along the way.

Yes, there is vegetarian and vegan food available; just kindly, inform us ahead of time before starting your trip.

Nope. This allows you to have some space when eating together.

Morocco, has a wide variety of wines. As well as beers, and, international alcoholic drinks are accessible. Asking your guide whether you want to buy any alcohol, it can be an excellent idea. as not all accommodations have alcohol.

Marrakech Desert Excursions FAQ For What to Pack?

What to pack for my Morocco desert tour in winter?

A spare couple of socks for wearing during night or a pair of wooly socks.

A winter jacket that is warm to wear at night.

A vest or extra  of clothing for putting over.

Large panties for sleeping or wearing in the nighttime.

A head scarf for protecting from the wind and cold.

Hand warmers, mittens, or gloves.


What to pack for my desert trip in summer?

Several extra bottles of water.

Sunscreen and sunglasses.

Scarf to be protected from the sun.

A cooling bandana,that you may use to refresh and cool off.


 Capri Yoga Pants.

Cotton Shorts.

Wide-Leg Dress Pants.

Long pants for camel ride.


What to pack for my Sahara tour in autumn or spring?

As the weather, during the day, is warm and, cold at tight, we reccemmend, to bring the following things:

Wintertime clothes and warm clothes.

Bottles of water.

A head scarf for protecting from the wind and cold.

Sunscreen And sunglasses.

Long pants for camel ride.


Helpful questions and answers:

Yes. Pregnant women, can safely join, a Morocco desert tour. As long as they skip,  some activities. Such as the camel trekking excursion and, sandboarding activity.

Nothing completely obligated. Simply say to the driver/guide that, you are not interested.

Absolutely. Kids adore it, no matter their age. If you would prefer less time spent in the vehicle, we’re able to customize excursions to accommodate your children.

Tailor-Made And Group Tours:

Yes, we do provide group tours, but only, groups of friends or families. Not with strangers.

Of course, you are able to customize your personalized itinerary. We do this frequently—just let us know, what you are interested in, and we’ll consider our suggestions in helping you find the perfect travel experience.

Yes, but, if there are already, a small number of clients, booked the same tour as yours ( with their permission of course).

No. During the tour, you will have your onw, private room and, private tent in the desert.

Since most of our desert trips are private. Kindly, choose your best itinerary from our list of Morocco tours,and let us know how many people you are traveling with . As well as the date that, you wish to book the trip. On the other hand, you can contact us to have a personalized tour customized specifically for you.

Did you find these FAQ helpful? Have you gotten what you are looking for? If not, please, read our Morocco Travel Blog or contact us. We are happy to help you !