Is the Sahara desert worth visiting

Is the Sahara desert worth visiting?

Is the Sahara desert worth visiting
Is the Sahara desert worth visiting in Morocco?

A trip to Morocco without a visit to the Sahara desert is incomplete. The Merzouga Sahara desert is becoming one of the top selected destinations in the world and not only in Morocco. Due to its orange sand dunes where you’ll find your peace of mind and tranquility.

Why is the Sahara desert worth visiting?

Visiting the Sahara desert of Morocco, is suitable for everyone who wishes to explore this lovely country. Eithier, if you are a couple traveling for a honeymoon tour package, wedding anniversary, group of friends, family traveling with kids or any other kind of traveler. Absolutely everyone will love it.

Moreover, the Sahara desert offers a wide range of desert activities and things to do. Including camel trekking over the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi to witness sunset and sunrise.

A camel riding and night in the Sahara desert is offered and additional other activities. Including the ATV quad biking, Buggy dune drive and Off-road 4×4 desert tours. All these activities and much more are provided by our travel company Marrakech Desert Excursions.

When is the best time to visit the Sahara desert?

The best time of the year and the advisable time to visit the Sahara desert is between February and May or between September and November. Actually, the Sahara desert also can be visited during the winter between November and February but it’s quite cold at night. But it is still coller during the day of this period of the year.

Visiting the Sahara desert during the summertime, also still possible but it is recommended to spend no more than one night. Because the temperatures are quite hot during the day.

How to get to the Sahara desert?

We have published here some helpful information about how to get to the Sahara desert and the best way to get there.

We also organize a wide range of Morocco desert tours from Marrakech, Fes or from any other destination in Morocco that include your stay for one night or several nights in the Sahara desert. This depends on the time you have in Morocco.

Here we have shared some of the best Morocco desert trips where you can choose your perfect one. All of these desert tours cover the Sahara desert of Merzouga.

Marrakech Desert tours:
Fes Desert tours:

If you don’t find the right Morocco desert trip for you here. Please do not hesitate to check our Morocco tours page or just contact us and we’ll tailor any trip that meets your needs and requirements.

Choose your Morocco desert tour today with Marrakech Desert Excursions for a unique Morocco experience!


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