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Morocco Entry Requirements – 2024

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Welcome to Marrakech desert excursions travel blog where you will find out some of the most important things to know before visiting Morocco. Including the Morocco entry requirements and which documents are required to enter Morocco.

Most asked questions and answers

Morocco entry requirements: Do I need a visa to travel to Morocco? A tourist VISA is not needed to enter the kingdom of Morocco. But you should have a valid Passport to enter Morocco.

For how long should my passport be valid before I travel to Morocco? The shortest possible duration for your passport, must be six months from your day of arrival in Morocco.

Additional information about the Morocco entry requirements:

Which countries do not require a visa to enter Morocco? Morocco allows entry without a visa no less than ninety days of about 73 countries approximately. Moreover, a list of countries that don’t require a visa to travel to Morocco can be found here.

1: Algeria                   2:Lithuania

3: Germany               4: Luxembourg

5: Austria                   6: Mali

7: Australia                8: Malta

9: Saudi Arabia         10: Maldives

11: Argentina              12: Mexico

13: Belgium                 14: Niger

15: Bahrain                  16: Burkina Faso

17: Norway                   18: Malaysia

19: News Zealand        20:Brazil

21: Oman                       22: Bulgaria

23: Portugal                  24: Burkina Faso

25: Netherlands           26: Côte d’Ivoire

27: Philippines             28: Canada

29: Peru                         30: Chile

31: Poland                      32: China

33: Puerto Rico             34: Cyprus

35: Qatar                         36: Colombia

37: Congo                        38: Czech Republic

39: South Korea             40: Romania

41: Croatia                       42: San Marino

43: Denmark                   44: Slovakia

45: Spain                          46: Senegal

47: Estonia                       48: Singapore

49: United States            50: Switzerland

51: Slovenia                      52: Russia

53: Sweden                       54: Finland

55: Tunisia                        56: France

57: Turkey                         58: Gabon

59: Togo                            60: United Kingdom

61: Greece                         62: Guinea

63: Iceland                        64: Italy

65: Ireland                        66: Indonesia

67: Japan                           68: Hong Kong

69: Hungary                      70: Kuwait

71: Latvia                            72: Liechtenstein

73: United Arab Emirates.

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