Things to Know before visiting Morocco

Things to Know before visiting Morocco

Things to Know before visiting Morocco in 2024 & 2025

Are you trying to find out what things you should know before traveling to Morocco and Morocco travel restrictions? With the help of Marrakech Desert Excursions travel blog and tips. You’ll find all of this information, and travel advice here. Including the most important things to know before traveling to Morocco.

This lovely country isn’t what you expect while you scroll through your facebook, or these beautiful images on Insta. Furthermore, there are plenty of things that one should know before visiting Morocco.

Morocco has been influenced by Spain, France, and africa. As a result of this, the population spoke multiple languages. Such as English, French and Spanish.

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You are going to see that Morocco is a land of Mountains covered with snow, vast Sahara deserts beautifully constructed medinas, with vibrantly colored souks, and architectural styles all quite different. once you visit Morocco.

Moreover, through the maze-like streets, the historic old medinas and the bustling cities. Undoubtedly can get you lost and confused. Shops offering wonderful leather bags, vibrant carpets, fragrant herbs and aromatic spices. In addition, beautiful lamps of metal will be found everywhere around.

12 Important things to be informed about before traveling to Morocco:

1: Some Moroccan people would prefer not to have someone take their picture.

2: The mosques in Morocco normally do not allow Non Muslim, except the one of HASSAN II in Casablanca.

3: The winter seasons, in Morocco, may get extremely cold. Even the Sahara desert.

4: Morocco, has reasonably priced. Also dependable trains.

5: The country’s government-run, Tourist sites and Attractions, offer excellent value. Such as the Royal palaces, Madrasas…

6: Some of the Moroccan people, they speak less English. As you might imagine.

7: In Morocco, tipping is customary at Riads, Restaurants. As well as the desert camps.

8: Although the majority of Moroccans don’t drink alcohol, this place has excellent wine.

9: Hire a local and expert tour guide, in Morocco’s big cities. Such as Fes, Casablanca, Marrakech and Meknes. Definitely recommended.

10: Fridays are prayer days, used to get ready for the weekend.

11: In Morocco, you should avoid drinking. As well as using the tap water for brushing your teeth.

12: Buy souvenirs to take home.

Looking for additional things to know before visiting Morocco?

Furthermore, in case you need to know more about things to know before traveling to Morocco. In addition to, Morocco travel restrictions or any additional things before visiting Morocco. Please feel free to read our Morocco travel FAQS, or just contact Marrakech Desert Excursions travel agency. Our crew is happy to inform you and help you about anything you need to know before visiting Morocco.