Where I can exchange Money in Morocco?

Where I Can Exchange Money in Moroccan? Dirhams (MAD)

Where I can exchange Money in Morocco?
Where I can exchange Money in Morocco?

A. Where I can exchange Money in Morocco?  If so, where should you go? The Moroccan Currency called dirhams (MAD). 1$ dollar equals 10.6 Moroccan dirhams and 1€ equals 10.8 Moroccan dirhams.

Due to the identical exchange rates and commission-free business practices of all Moroccan banks, you won’t run into any issues when trying to convert money during your stay in Morocco. On Fridays afternoon exchange rates are set.

In Morocco, ATM machines, all major ports terminals and airports, are all venues to buy Moroccan Dirhams ( Moroccan MAD) The tours operator and Travel Agencies in Morocco, is an additional alternative for currency exchange. Make sure to compare prices if you decide to do this because some agents provide greater deals than others.

Moreover, if you are departing from Spain, Algeciras or Gibraltar, you’ll find places where you can buy Moroccan dirhams there. Also it’s possible to pre-order Moroccan dirhams through your Bank from outside Morocco before leaving your country.

If you need to know more information regarding where to exchange money. Please don’t be hesitate to contact Marrakech Desert Excursions company. We’ll be happy to help you on this and even if you are looking to arrange your Morocco desert tour holiday.

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