Q. What is the history of the Fez Medina?

What is the history of the Fez Medina

What is the history of the Fez Medina?

A. What is the history of the medina of Fes?. Medina of Fes. Is the most historic and cultural city in the Arab world. Because of its ancient souks, famous buildings, and carefully decorated Bou Inania Madrasa.

The Fez Medina. Can be explained by discussing the history of the oldest imperial city of Morocco, which was established over 1,200 years old. On the right side of the river that passes through it and quickly expanded to the other shore.

Imperial city of Fes. Expanded over more than 300 districts and 9000 lanes through a number of governmental changes, numerous alterations, particularly the repair of the city walls.

Despite the fact that this is the original one. Known as Fes El-Bali. Another one, known as Fes El-Jdid, was built next to it 500 years later. And soon became the center of the city, after the Spanish Kingdom of Al-Andalus fell. The whole Jewish population relocated from the old medina to the new one. Which experienced an exponential growth.

Second building. Is quite unlike the first one, with a more organized plan, the intimidating Royale Palace despite the fact that its golden doors cover it from curiosity. And most importantly the Jewish lanes lined with balconies that would have been unattainable for Muslim construction.

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